In some cases, you might expreience some errors like: iCloud access failed or iCloud quota exceeded etc. In this topic, we explain why these errors happened and how to solve them.

iCloud access failed


There are few cases when this happened,

1. iCloud not sign-in to your device

Simply open Setting app, click the first item and sign in your iCloud account.

2. Card Diary access to iCloud has been disabled.

For solving this issue. Open Setting app — Your Name — iCloud — Scroll down to find “iCloud Drive” and “Card Diary”. Make sure both of them are enabled.


iCloud quota exceeded

This error happened when iCloud Storage is full. iCloud Auto Sync will be paused and stop sync if we detect any of this error happened.


For extending iCloud Storage, open iCloud Storage page (Setting app — Your Name — iCloud — iCloud Storage), click “Change Storage Plan” or delete some data that you don’t want to use any more.


After iCloud storage increased, open Card Diary and click iCloud auto syncSync Now popup button. You will notice an “Oops!” alert popup. Click “Continue” to enable iCloud auto sync again. If this step no been done, for the data safety reason, Card Diary wouldn’t restart to do iCloud auto sync automatically.