Card Diary FAQs

Backup and Sync

Is Card Diary backup and sync safe?


Why Card Diary don't need to sign up?

Card Diary base on your devices and iCloud to store your diary data. All your diaries will store in local and your own iCloud storage.

So, we don't need to provide an account system. Your iCloud is your data server.

Is my diary data safe?

Yes. We don't have any server to store your diaries. All your diary base on your devices and iCloud.

What if I don't have iCloud?

You can back up your diaries as "CardDiary JSON(.zip)" manually and regularly through "Import / Export" function.


Other FAQs

How to change text size, color, style, etc.?

This function will coming soon. (version 4.0-5.0)

Is "Send feedback" work well?

Yes, we can receive all feedbacks through "Send feedback". However, we cannot reply you as we don't have a sever to run.

So we highly recommend you to write a review in App Store. We will reply all.

Or, you can send us an email: [email protected]